Conifers is entirely edited, formatted, proofread, publicized, designed and maintained by Pine Manor College undergraduate students.

The Editorial Board includes:

Bethany Zaiatz

Bethany Zaiatz is an English major in her junior year at Pine Manor College. She is the last remaining staffer of the original, paper-bound Conifers from the Spring 2006 semester, and is very proud and excited to see the journal reincarnated in its brand new, national, online format. She has also spent the last three years working as an editing intern for Éire/Ireland, an internationally recognized interdisciplinary journal of Irish studies, under the guidance of co-editor Vera Kreilkamp. She hopes to one day work in the publishing industry as an editor of fiction. Should this not work out, however, her fall back plans include the fields of community theater and world domination.

Camille Sabree

Camille Sabree is a first year Pine Manor College student majoring in graphic design. She enjoys drawing and writing poetry during her free time. She grew up and still currently lives in Roxbury, MA. Just recently, she joined the chronically-losing lacrosse team.

Lindsey Berndt

Lindsey Berndt is a first year student at Pine Manor College. She is from California. She spends the majority of her time napping. She constantly believes that it will snow and asks her roommate "do you think we will have a snow day?" She has an amazing sock collection, which includes socks with dinosaurs, polka dots and Tinkerbell.

Mabel Rodriguez

Mabel Rodriguez is a sophomore at Pine Manor College who is a biology and nursing major. She spends most of her days solving the New York Times and Metro sudoku puzzles. Other than solving sudoku puzzles, she also spends time writing essays. She seems to write more essays than the English majors. If she is not writing and not solving puzzles, she is most likely visiting the website to catch up on Hollywood news. She also takes great pride in her collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia.

Sharon Ward

Sharon Ward is a first year student at Pine Manor College. She is planning to major in psychology. Sharon is preoccupied with making mix cds from her itunes library. In her spare time, she composes music on her keyboard. Currently, she is composing a rap/techno version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

and Faculty Advisor, Amy L Clark

Amy is an assistant professor of College Composition at Pine Manor College. Her most recent work can be found in A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women, published by Rose Metal Press.