Career Exploration & Real World Experience

Identifying a career is one of the most life-influencing decisions a student will make. At Pine Manor College, students have many opportunities to assess their professional and life interests and goals. Through workshops and individual counseling, students are assisted with self-assessment, resume writing, and career exploration. Participating in internships allows students to explore a variety of work opportunties and work settings. Special events, such as the Alumnae Career Roundtable, bring together students and alumnae to talk about the professional world and career journeys.

To provide students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom, internships are integrated throughout the curriculum at Pine Manor College. There are two levels of internships: IN295 - Exploratory Internship, and IN495 - Senior Internship. Students are allowed to earn up to 10 credits during their four years at PMC through internships, and are encouraged to participate in at least one Exploratory Internship prior to the required Senior Internship.

Benefits of Internships

At an internship site, students work on real-life work projects, and supervisors expect as much from interns as from their employees. Students gain confidence, expertise, and pride from "real world" accomplishments and experience that builds a resume. Internship experiences have many benefits including:

  • providing an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a workplace setting;
  • exploring career options and types of work environments;
  • forming a network of professional colleagues;
  • building their resume with job experience;
  • developing the 21st Century work skills employers seek such as, leadership, multicultural competency, and social responsibility. 

After working with professionals in a wide array of metro-Boston organizations, such as, corporations, hospitals, museums, laboratories, and social service agencies, PMC seniors are prepared to make informed career choices and be competitive and succeed in the workplace.

Sample of Student Internships

Pine Manor College students have experienced many rewards and challenges through internships where they have:

  • worked as counselors at the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange;
  • organized special events at Boston's Park Plaza Hotel;
  • taught at the foundation for Children with AIDS;
  • assisted lawyers and criminologists at the District Attorney's Office, and;
  • served as assistant producers at local television stations. 

Preparation for Career Search

At the time of graduation, Pine Manor College internships will have prepared students for their next step: getting a job. Hands-on experience in the working world, academics, and preparation for career planning and job search, will place students in a strong position in the job search process.



For more information, contact  
 Career Development Director
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