Alicia Grenier: Fun with Coach

Pre-season went well from what I saw in the morning practices. I was unable to make the afternoon practices because of resident advisor (RA) training and Freshman Orientation. However, I saw a lot of things that I really liked from everyone. By the end of the week, I felt that we were a complete team. The next thing that came to mind, and everyone’s mind, was Wednesday’s game.

Before our first game we decided to have a little fun with Cory, our coach. We wanted to lighten the mood so that we could have an intense but fun week preparing for our first game. Glenn Grushko and I went up to Cory’s office to talk to her about the team and how happy we are to see so many new faces.

While we were upstairs talking with her, the rest of our team placed Post-It notes all over her car windows and wrapped her car up with caution tape. Glenn and I finally got her to come downstairs and as soon as she walked out the door of the gymnasium, she started laughing and saying “Really guys?!” Last year we never did anything like this, so we were really taking a chance because we had absolutely no idea how she was going to react. However, we were happy to know that now we can have fun with our coach and goof around when the time is right.

As for our first game, the thoughts that were going through my head that day were indescribable. I just wanted everyone to come out strong, work hard and give it their all. Right as we stepped on the field to warm-up I could feel the excitement from everyone just coming together. Although we started our season with a loss, it was a positive one. I felt that we held our own and that we definitely had some things to work on, but it was our first game and we have many more to come our way. I know that as time goes on we will be more comfortable playing together.

Off to practice, talk to you next week! =)

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