Alicia Grenier: Soccer Success, Classes Kick Off & Work Picks Up

So this week has been full of excitement!

We had two games, one against Southern Vermont and the other against Newbury. Our game against Southern Vermont was really good. We got our first win of the season, 7-1. This game was especially exciting for me because I scored four goals for my team. My teammate "Roux" (Beth Deegan) scored two goals, and freshman Sivan Thammachak stepped up and scored her first college goal, which was very exciting. Our second game of the week was against Newbury, and we tied them in two overtimes.

So after two full weeks of classes, I have really started to enjoy them. This semester I’m taking two psychology classes, a composition class and a visual arts class. I’m a psychology major and visual arts minor with a concentration in photography. I hate drawing - I am awful at it - and this class that I’m in is all about drawing. Thankfully my teammate Christina Santos is in class with me, and we make have a good time since neither of us is very good yet. In one of my psych classes, I’m learning about puberty, which is pretty interesting because there is some things that I don’t even remember!

Thursday night I had to deal with my first issue as a R.A., or a resident advisor. I’ve learned a lot already, and I feel more comfortable resolving issues, dealing with confrontations and doing my job. I’m on duty again this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll have a calmer next couple of days. I also started my job at City Sports, which is sure to make my schedule even more hectic!

I’m going to bed (finally), so I’ll talk to you next week!

4/26/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament
L, 8-0 (6 inn.) vs. Salem
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4/25/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament 
L, 9-8 vs. Wesleyan GA
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