Alicia Grenier: An Interesting First Road Trip Ends in a Big Win

This week has gone by really fast. It started with our first out-of-town away game at Mass Maritime Academy. The day started like any other day, with everyone going to class, and then around 3:45 p.m. we all met at the gym to get in the bus or van. Roux (Beth Deegan), Michelle, Kasey, Santos, Cory, Ryan, our sports information director, and I were all in the van.

Prior to getting in the car I glanced at the directions to see where we were actually going. While we were driving we were talking about the game and games to come after Mass Maritime. So as were driving down 95, we missed the exit that we were supposed to take and ended up all the way in Rhode Island. I turned on my GPS and that quickly got us back on the right track. We had a nice tour of Pawtucket, thanks to Santos, who's from there, and then quickly scooted on our way back to Massachusetts. We showed up just in time to start warming up before our game.

After a long game, we came out with a great win, 4-0! Roux scored two goals, Amanda Smalley scored one, and I scored one and had two assists. We were all so happy after finally winning another game. Afterwards we convinced Cory to bring us to Friendly’s because our teammate Sam had never been to one before because she’s from Wyoming. We didn’t end up getting back on campus until about 11, and by then we were all exhausted, but knew that tomorrow was going to be an intense practice for our game on Wednesday against Norwich.


Norwich was a good game. We lost 2-0, but it was far better than last years game. Last year we lost to them 4-0 and didn’t even get the ball on their half of the field. However, this year we got the ball on their half a decent amount of times. Although we lost, we had a big improvement from last year.


Other than soccer, nothing interesting really happened this week. I had classes, RA (resident advisor) duty and a selling clinic at work at City Sports, which was very calm compared to other weeks. I’m looking forward to this weekend because we have a game against Johnson & Wales, which we are all very pumped up for.


Well, I’m heading off to work. Talk to you next week!

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