Annual Giving

There are many ways to support Pine Manor College.
We hope that you will find a way that is close to your heart.

Giving Societies

President’s Circle

The President’s Circle was established in 1983
to recognize the top leadership gifts of $10,000 or more.

Founding Associates

Founding Associates demonstrate their generous
support with gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Associate Benefactors

Support the College with gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Associate Sponsors

The special gifts of Associate Sponsors are $1,500 to $2,499


Associates provide loyal support with gifts of $1,000 to $1,499

Giving Opportunities

People. Places. Programs.

Please include your designation on the attached envelope
and we’ll be sure to direct your gift to the area of your choice.

If you prefer a more general designation, you may choose one of the following special funds:

Faculty Fund
Students Fund
President’s Discretionary Fund

Any gift without designation will be applied to the College’s unrestricted Annual Fund.

THANK YOU for your support!!!

At Pine Manor College, it is the dedicated work of our faculty that makes all of the difference.

Here are meaningful ways in which your Annual Fund gift can make a specific difference to the College.

$10,000   Provide one academic year of tutorial services in Biology or Mathematics
$5,000   Support a Pine Manor scholar earning a Biotechnology Certificate in addition to a B.A. degree
$1,000   Support one visiting research scientist as they teach and share their work in the Biotechnology and Academic Research labs
$500   Support a Resident Assistant’s work in Student Life
$500   Support student scholarships
$250   Provide a travel grant to students, helping them to commute to internship sites
$100   Purchase text books, both online and hard copy, for our students
$100   Purchase athletic equipment for our students
$50   Provide student materials for Biology Labs or Visual Arts classes
$50   Support the faculty development fund, used to help our faculty in their research and to provide development opportunities in their professional fields

You may direct your gift to honor someone special – perhaps a former professor or dormitory counselor, a parent or classmate – and Pine Manor will be pleased to inform the honoree on your behalf. You may also choose to make a gift in memory of someone close to your heart.

Pine Manor’s campus is both beautiful and historic. Our extensive grounds need ongoing care, and our buildings need repairs and upgrades.

Here are some areas and special corners on our campus that could use your support:

$10,000   Purchase an essential piece of new lab equipment
$5,000   Refurbish a dormitory room
$2,500   Provide a 3-D printer for Biology and Visual Arts
$2,500   Restore a window in one of the dormitory Common Rooms
$1,500   Restore a campus pathway
$1,000   Purchase a color printer for the Dane Science Building
$1,000   Restore a portion of historic shingled exterior in the Ferry Administration Building
$800   Purchase a smart board for a classroom
$250   Refurbish a seat in Ellsworth Hall
$150   Buy slates for repair of historic roofs in Ferry and other buildings
$100   Fund one science class’ printing materials for poster presentations
$100   Repair a window in Haldan Hall
$80   Purchase an ink cartridge for our large format poster printer

If you prefer, you may also designate your Annual Fund gift to:

 The Faculty Fund

 Scholarship Funds

 The President’s Discretionary Fund


Pine Manor College’s programs enrich the learning experiences of our students and prepare them for careers and graduate school.

Here are some programs you may wish to support:

$10,000   Sponsor a student leadership retreat
$5,000   Fund the fall or spring student theatre production
$5,000   Sponsor Pine Manor’s popular and successful Model United Nations Team
$2,500   Underwrite travel, materials and faculty participation for outreach to prospective students at area STEM and science high schools
$1,500   Purchase software licenses to enable critical additional Statistics classes to be offered
$1,000   Provide faculty appreciation awards for specific programs
$1,000   Purchase one ‘Gator mascot costume
$500   Fund essential faculty program materials in Biology, Psychology, Sociology and Education
$250   Sponsor a faculty member’s release time for college-related programs
$150   Name a chair or a desk in a classroom or the Annenberg Library
$50   Purchase theme-related materials for the Annenberg Library, such as career, children’s and health care books

Pine Manor will be happy to describe any of these opportunities in greater detail, and to talk with you about additional ideas you may have.


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