Business and Management Program Requirements

The B.A. in Business and Management is a multidisciplinary major. It combines concepts of business, leadership, psychology, sociology, economics, ethics, and other disciplines to analyze managerial problems and make effective decisions that will improve organizational performance. The major combines the study of modern management practice with organization development strategies and methods in the context of a dramatically changing global environment. The program particularly enables students to develop the competencies required to manage people and achieve an organization's strategic product, service, and financial objectives. Use of cross- registration courses with Babson College and Boston College, selecting a minor concentration, exploratory internships, service learning projects, international study, and developing a personal portfolio further enhance learning.Students majoring in Business and Management are required to take ten core courses plus two electives from the list below.There are three Department minor concentrations: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and International Business.

Major Requirements:  Business and Management 

Required Core Courses (9)

  • AC 205 Accounting I 
  • CS 230 Microsoft Excel for Business Majors 
  • EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics 
  • MN 111 Business and Management Principles 
  • MN 220 Organizational Change: Strategies and Methods 
  • FN 310 Finance I 
  • MN 351 Methods for Managerial Decision Making 
  • MN 490 Senior Seminar in Business and Management 
  • MN 495 Senior Internship

Concentration Requirements:  Select ONE Concentation and take the required FIVE courses listed


Required Courses

  • AC 206 Accounting II 
  • AC 305 Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC 315 Principles of Taxation
  • AC 325 Managerial Accounting
  • AC 326 Budgeting and Control

Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Two Required:

  • MK 221 Marketing Principles
  • MN 328 Entrepreneurship*

Plus three of the following courses:

  • CO 100 Introduction to Mass Communication 
  • CO 265 Multicultural Images in the Media 
  • CO 310 Public Relations* 
  • CO/EN 350 Advertising Copywriting and Design Seminar* 
  • MK 240 Sports Marketing* 
  • MK 324 Advertising* 
  • MK 325 Retailing* 
  • MK 327 Selling and Sales Management 
  • MK 328 Direct and Internet Marketing* 
  • Or other suitable, approved courses

International Business**

Five courses required:

  • EC 302 International Economics
  • MK 323 International Marketing* 
  • PS 131 International Relations 
  • PS 201 Comparative Politics 
  • PS 315 International Political Economy

Non-Profit Organization

Two Required:

  • AC 310 Government and Non-Profit Accounting 
  • AC 270 Intermediate Accounting I 

Plus three of the following courses

  • MN2xx Event Planning 
  • PH 241 Personal and Professional Ethics 
  • PY 224 Group Dynamics 
  • SPS 150 Peace and Conflict Resolution 
  • SPS 211 Special Topics in Public Policy 
  • SPS 220 Local Action - Global Change 
  • CO 310 Public Relations

Sports Management

Two Required:

  • MN2xx Sports Management   
  • MK 327 Selling and Sales Management I 

Plus any three of the following courses:

  • CO 258/358 Special Topics:  Advertising and Public Relations 
  • EC 222 Economics of Sports 
  • KIN 102 Intro to Exercise and Sports Science II 
  • MK 240 Sports Marketing 
  • MN2xx Event Planning 
  • PY 270 Sport Psychology

Program Faculty

  • Joe Fargnoli
  • Raquel Lopez
  • Dawn Mackiewicz

Professor Emeritus

  • Siddiq Abdullah


  • Raul Consunji
  • Antoine Melay
  • Lawrence Miscowski


Joe Fargnoli, Program Coordinator
 Tel: 617-731-7671