Pine Manor College Campus Safety

Pine Manor College recognizes that campus safety enhances effective study work and recreation. Therefore, the College Campus Safety Department provides a wide range of assistance, including: transportation; shuttle services; fire safety and detection; crime prevention; escort service to students, faculty, staff and visitors; and it ensures compliance with the policies and regulations of the College and the bylaws of the town of Brookline.

The Campus Safety Department is responsible for responding to calls for assistance, facilitating the movement of persons and vehicles around the campus, recording criminal activity occurring on campus and reporting this activity to the Brookline police. Pine Manor College realizes that crime prevention is not the sole responsibility of he Campus Safety Department, but is an ongoing community effort.

In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, Campus Safety provides educational programming, a regular security activity report and security alerts, when necessary, to members of the PMC community to increase awareness of actual or potential hazards on and off the campus. Detailed information about security policies can be found in the "Safety and Security Information" brochure distributed to all members of the PMC community.