Cathy Cultice Lentes, Getting the Mail, Finishing Line Press, 2016

“In Getting the Mail, the ordinary becomes sacred, the small becomes large, the page fills with light in these beautifully crafted poems. Common things­­—frost, horses, the past­­—are seen with insight and compassion, and metaphor is contained in bright force, offered without sentimentality and with real tenderness. Cathy Lentes gets it right when she sees the boy who does not see as others do, or when she hears the drum of walnuts on the barn roof, or even when she finds rare reflections as she washes windows. She is fetching the mail for us, and along the way, helping us notice the daily simplicities and the people who live them. In these poems, she is carrying for us the messages of what is real, laced with gentility and great affection.” 

—Anne­-Marie Oomen, author of Love, Sex and 4-H