Action Learning
Coach Certification Program

According to Confucius, I hear and I forget ;
I see and I remember ; I do and I understand.

The Center for Innovative Professional Development at Pine Manor College offers an Action Learning Team Coaching certificate.

Action Learning is an educational process whereby people work and learn together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions. You learn through actual actions and practice rather than through traditional instruction. This approach benefits organizations in a few key ways:

Problem Solving – You acquire the skills that are highly effective in problem-solving strategies. Use these skills to solve complex workplace challenges or to deal with more common everyday problems.

People Development – Hone your leadership development skills such as questioning, listening, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and systems thinking. You gain a deeper insight and understanding of the problems and issues that occur in the workplace. As your confidence grows, you will welcome increased responsibilities and work more constructively within a team.

Team Development – The inquiry-based approach develops a greater trust among co-workers. Learn how diverse perspectives optimize problem-solving and leverage those perspectives toward the greater good of an organization. You lead and work more effectively in cross-cultural and cross-functioning teams within the workplace.

Organizational Learning – Organizations benefit from an inquiry-driven and collaborative business environment. Action Learning enables organizations to value the diversity of knowledge and experience within their workplace.

You enhance your career, gain leadership experience and add value to your organization with certification in Action Learning.

Action Learning
Certificate Program Overview

Three workshops comprise the Action Learning Team Coaching Certification program:  Foundations, Certification for Action Learning Coaches One (CALC1), and Certification for Action Learning Coaches Two (CALC2).

The Foundations program, a pre-requisite for CALC1 & CALC2, exposes participants to the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of Action Learning. You are given the option of experiencing Action Learning as a participant and/or a coach. In CALC1 and CALC2 participants increase their proficiency as team coaches, learn from their project experience and receive feedback regarding their team coaching proficiency from peers and the session lead. All CALC sessions are led by a Master Action Learning Coach (MALC) or Senior Action Learning Coaches (SALC).

Informational session 

To attend CIPD informational session, please RSVP here.

May 26th, 2015 at 6pm
June 23rd, 2015 at 6pm

President’s Dining Room

Webinars are scheduled every Monday at noon until Aug. 31st. RSVP required by Friday prior.

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Classes start 

September 12, 2015

Applications for the cohort entering Fall 2015 are available now and the program is a rolling admissions process.

For more information:
If you would like to be considered for one of the 20 seats in this inaugural program please contact Dr. Charles A. Tweedly at or call at 617-731-7063.