Agile Leadership Through Action Learning

Action learning has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful and effective tools employed by organizations worldwide to develop and build their leaders. Companies such as Boeing, Du Pont, Motorola, Alcoa, and Nokia have recently turned to action learning to solve their critical, complex problems as well as to grow the competencies and attributes needed by their leaders if they are to succeed in the twenty-first century.

What has become increasingly clear to almost every organization is that our new century demands new kinds of leaders with new skills. Leadership styles and skills that may have worked in a more stable, predictable environment of the twentieth century will be inadequate in this new era of uncertainty and rapid change, where we can hardly define the problem, much less engineer possible solutions.

At the Center for Innovative Professional Development we can work with you to build a leadership development program tailored to your unique situation, solving significant organization problems and developing leadership competencies that will have a lasting impact on the participants and the organization.

For an example please click here for the Built to Lead Case Study. PDF

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