A program designed around
your career, for your career

Are you frustrated with the high cost of completing your Management degree?

Do you find it difficult to balance the competing responsibilities of work, school and family?

Do you struggle with the relevancy of required courses to the reality of your work environment?

If you are a working professional with at least years of college or an associate’s degree you can complete your degree in just 18 months.

Our innovative, hybrid-learning program utilizes innovations in technology to redefine and enhance the online and face to face learning environment. Our goal is to create a more engaging, dynamic and effective learning environment for participants.

Instead of focusing on memorizing material to pass exams each semester is structured around a series of interrelated projects that allow you to demonstrate what you can do with what you know. Wherever possible we attempt to design projects to integrate with your workplace responsibilities.

The BA in Management and Consulting program seeks to create an effective and relevant learning community that promotes excellence in education, practice, and professional development.

Classes start September 12, 2015

Fast Track: Complete your bachelor’s degree in only 18 months

Affordable: $18,000 includes books and fees (limited to 20 students in inaugural program)

Balanced: Designed for working professionals, the program offers a flexible model combining classroom and online learning.

Relevant: Our project based approach engages participants in applied-learning assignments that integrate with their workplace responsibilities.

Personalized: Each student is supported by a faculty coach or mentor to assure they understand the principles for each learning module or project, and master the pre-determined learning goals.

Why Management and Consulting?

Consulting competencies add to your management toolkit by providing additional tools for problem solving and relationship management. We also believe they allow us to take a more holistic approach to management education. In a typical management degree program the emphasis is functional skills like accounting, finance, and marketing. We see those skills as foundational but we place greater emphasis on the development of essential competencies that drive success: written and oral communication, team leadership, collaborative problem solving, analytical/critical thinking, managing interpersonal relationships, etc. Rather than conceptualize management education as a science with emphasis on memorization of concepts and theories, we view it as a process for personal and professional development based on management as a practice, combining art, craft and science. We believe this requires an emphasis on both management and consulting competencies. Need to add section Attend an Information Session

We encourage you to contact us if you are unsure that you will meet the following qualifications.

  • Associate’s degree or approximately 60 earned college credits
  • 3-5 years of work experience
  • Resume
  • 2 recommendations (at least 1 professional,   1 can be academic)
  • 500-1000 word personal statement indicating your interest in the program, personal aspirations, etc.
  • Official transcripts and course descriptions from all institutions where college credit was received
  • GPA of at least 2.7

BA Management and Consulting
Program Curriculum

Semester 1 – 12 Credits

  1. Introduction to Management and Consulting
  2. Managing Professional Relationships
  3. Personal and Professional Development

Semester 2 – 12 Credits

  1. Managing and Consulting at the Individual Level
  2. Adult Learning and Development
  3. Contemporary Models of Leadership

Semester 3 – 12 Credits

  1. Managing and Consulting at the Group Level
  2. Group Dynamics
  3. Organizational Culture

Semester 4 – 12 Credits

  1. Managing and Consulting at the Organizational Level
  2. Organizational Theory and Behavior
  3. Organization Design

Semester 5 – 12 Credits

  1. Consulting Capstone Project
  2. Managing Organizational Knowledge
  3. Leading Organizational Change


Informational session 

To attend CIPD informational session, please RSVP here.

May 26th, 2015 at 6pm
June 23rd, 2015 at 6pm

President’s Dining Room

Webinars are scheduled every Monday at noon until Aug. 31st. RSVP required by Friday prior.

Please RSVP here

Classes start 

September 12, 2015

Applications for the cohort entering Fall 2015 are available now and the program is a rolling admissions process.

For more information:
If you would like to be considered for one of the 20 seats in this inaugural program please contact Dr. Charles A. Tweedly at ctweedly@pmc.edu or call at 617-731-7063.



Total tuition for the BA in Management and Consulting program is $18,000*

Technology Fee is $250 per semester**

*Tuition rates are subject to change as approved by the Board of Trustees.

**Technology Fees are subject to change as approved by the Board of Trustees.