Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations sponsor a variety of events and activities to encourage student engagement within the PMC and local communities.  Through student clubs, students have the opportuntiy to engage on multiple levels.  In students' first semester, we encourage students to attend club meetings and programs.  As students find their niche and connect with other students and the club's mission, we encourage students to get more engaged and take on different leadership roles.  Students often start with helping organize a program, campaign, or fundraiser and then move into roles such as tresurer, VP, or president of the organization.  Student engagement and leadership positions at all levels allow for students to make new friends; build community; foster their passions and interests; and develop their communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.  Some of the clubs we offer include:

  • Student Government
  • Student Programming Board
  • Dance Team
  • Education Club
  • Cape Verdean Student Assiociation Club
  • Model UN
  • Psychology Club

In addition to these clubs, the Office of Student Activities sponsors International Week, welcome week, dances, and Stressbuster activities around exam time!

To learn more about current campus organizations, starting a student club, or programs we offer, please contact Liam Rice.