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Joseline Mane

 Couch to 5k    
Jason Fopiano

 Cape Verdian Student Association

 Cape Verdean students promote their rich culture through this club. The organization’s purpose is to educate the College community about Cape Verdean culture through lectures, parties and other activities and to assist Cape Verdeans in Boston and on the islands of Cape Verde. Everyone is welcome.

Lisa Rodrigues
 Connifers    Prof. Ponder 
Ann Leverette 
 Education Club   Prof. McElroy
 Global Potential   Ayan Hassan
 Health Club   Aisha
 International Club

The ISC is a group of students from around the world (including the US) who come together to share their cultures and backgrounds, and to provide support to students who are new to this country. ISC also promotes international awareness to PMC.

Heba Khurram
 L.O.V.E.S  Our mission is to impact the world through our efforts of promoting individuality, good health, self-control, and success. At each meeting, we discuss and deal with issues that affect black women specifically and women of color in general.

Baina Orival

 LGBTQ Alliance  Open to all students regardless of sexual orientation, LGBTQ Alliance works to promote an open and welcoming environment for the PMC bisexual, gay and lesbian community. The Alliance strives to maintain a continuous and thoughtful dialogue on all issues raised by the PMC community, such as students questioning their sexual orientation or that of friends and family; homophobia; or major news stories. The group meets regularly for support, camaraderie and to plan special events.
Xiara Ramos

 Model U.N.  The Model UN provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about international politics, contemporary world problems, international organizations, negotiation and collaboration. Students participate in the Annual Model United Nations Conference in New York City, where they represent a designated country and its views and perspectives. Students experience the challenges and working toward solutions to interests of their country and the common good of the world’s citizens. In addition, participants get the opportunity to interact with United Nations Official.
Maria Peniche
Christine Lowe
 Oxfam America     Regine Albin
 PMC Drama Queens   Prof. Emma Dassori
 Psychology Club  Students interested in Psychology explore how to apply its principals to everyday life through different activities. Students have attended conferences, practiced GRE Tests, discussed graduate school, and explore other issues of interests to its members. You do not have to be a psychology major to join.
Prof. Diane Mello
 Recycling Club   Liz Wanyana
 Science Club  
Prof. Colleen Krieser
Prof. Ujwala Panse
Prof. Bear
Step Team     
Nicelyne George