Alicia Grenier: Coach's Cancer Marathon & Back in the Win Column

Last weekend was Columbus Day, so we had a long weekend. Our coach, Cory Kinsella, raced in the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon, and it was presented by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy fund. This is a great fundraising race because it is helping a great cause. The Dana-Farber Institute is one of the best in Massachusetts. I know this from experience with my Nana because she suffered from breast cancer, but she was helped and cured because of how great they really are. Cory really did a great thing helping the Institute. She finished in 1 hour, 43 minutes and 53 seconds! She was extremely happy about her time. I remember we were getting ready for an indoor practice and she was looking through her Blackberry and she said, “Oh my god! I did better than I thought I would!” We were all very proud of her! Great job, Cory!

Saturday we had a game against Emmanuel College and we lost to them, 7-0, which was disappointing. They were the top team in the conference and we actually got some good shots on them. After our game I went home and visit my nana, mom, uncle, and my baby cousin. Right when I walked into the house my cousin remembered me and started smiling and wanting me to hold him. I was so scared that he was going to forget about me because I wasn’t around for two whole months, but he did. I hung around Jamestown, Rhode Island all day Sunday until I had to make my way back up to school for practice because we had a Monday game against Albertus Magnus. We played them and lost again, which was a bummer.

However, Wednesday’s game was against Mitchell College, and we finally came out with a much-deserved win, 4-3. It was a close game the entire time and we kept pushing ourselves until we really had nothing left. I scored a hat trick, which I never thought was going to happen because every time that I took a shot after the 2nd one it kept going left, right or over the goal. Amanda Smalley had a beautiful penalty kick, which sealed the game. Roux and I were definitely connecting this game because she assisted on two of my goals and she was on fire!

The rest of the week was pretty boring. All I had was resident assistant duty Thursday night, and then I had to wake up early Friday morning and work at City Sports, then we had practice from 3-5. See you next week!

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