Deborah McDuff and Thea Shapiro: Coffee and Tea

photo captions:

Barbara Fletcher “Woodland Forest”  (chipmunk diorama) 
Yetti Frenkel, “Sleepwalker”  (cat holding umbrella) 
Douglass Gray “Birds of a Feather”  (metal bird flock)

Coffee & Tea opens to the public
November 15 and closes February 16, 2017

There is an opening reception for the artists and Pine Manor Community on Sunday, December 4th, from 1:30-4pm
RSVP: Carolyn Wirth

How much does a cup of coffee and tea really cost? McDuff and Shapiro create surprising art from re-puposed coffee filters and tea bags, like giant coffee cups, dresses, hats, and murals. The duo also explores the history of coffee and tea by hosting a tealeaf and coffee grind reading. Viewers can discover the process of the coffee and tea business while viewing art in the Hess gallery and attending a campus reception.

Deborah McDuff and Thea Shapiro make art with materials repurposed from the world’s favorite drinks: tea and coffee. Dresses are sewn from dried tea bags, murals are assembled from coffee filters; and these objects speak to us in turn of people around the world who grow, harvest and produce the things we consume every day.

Says Deborah: “The regions of my origin are Africa, East Asia, Europe and the United States. Materials, whether recycled or new, represent diverse social justice issues.  Through my poetic object making, I invite my audience to become aware of the voices that scream loudly and also the voiceless.”

Thea notes: “Teabags have great meaning for me. I started using them to pay homage to my mother after her stroke. Through using ephemeral, ethereal dried teabags I have learned about the struggles of tea workers.”