"Columbine High School"

Home of the Rebels
Beds and beds and beds of flower petals
And blasted heads
Red stains and parents' hearts' pains
I'd like to go to Virginia Tech
To rep the reds and the blues
Play the jazzy blues of the bloody stain shoes
Massacre of dead flowers
Anticipating on hours and hours on the news
If I could cock back a stem with a thorn
Then the bees would go loose
Killing every nectar produced
In the flowers of
Martyrs! Martyrs!
I live in Iran
And I ran from being a Martyr!
Fuck this veil
I shall prevail and
Win my highly sweet delicate flower's heart
At Columbine High School
School of the Rebels
I must rebel
And Columbine
I am a servant in the homes of Colorado
And I walk into the school pulling out an automatic
Shot to my head and yours
Flower pots smashed and screaming voices soar through
Columbine High School
They thought it was cool
To be a bullied teenage flower
Columbine High School