Commencement 2010

Commencement 2010

Eighty Degrees Awarded at Ninety-Ninth Commencement Exercises

Pine Manor College conferred 12 master’s degrees and 65 bachelor’s degrees at its 99th commencement on Sunday, May 9, 2010, at 11 AM, in Chestnut Hill. It also conferred honorary doctorate degrees on Trish Karter, CEO and Founder of the Dancing Deer Baking Company; Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh ’60, noted sculptor; and Gloria Reuben, actress, singer, and social activist.

In her remarks to the graduating seniors, Pine Manor College President Gloria Nemerowicz said, “The joy, the pride, the exuberance of spirit that we feel today affirms our mission to educate women for inclusive leadership and social responsibility. Today is a celebration of the potential for people to transform their lives and to break the boundaries that separate us. It is a celebration of the power of respect and collaboration to overcome obstacles and differences and move forward together for the common good.”

She then went on to say, “I know as you graduates move on, you will apply the values and the skills you have learned here to your work, family and community, and the world will be better because of you. You, dear graduates, bring us hope and optimism. Your willingness to honestly engage with others who may seem different from you—to learn with them and to solve problems collaboratively—demonstrates to others the power of inclusion to improve our lives.”

Senior Class Speaker Helena Makor pointed out to the graduating class that “Pine Manor gave us the opportunity to explore our options and interests. What we learned in this diverse atmosphere is that we don’t have to lose our identity to blend into the majority…we learned to be who we are: women who will leave an impact on the world! Nothing is impossible with determination and fight.”

Honorary Degree recipient Trish Karter said that she had been on campus in April and met with many of the graduating seniors. She was impressed that approximately 60 percent of them were the first in their families to attend college.

“In preparing for today,” Karter said, “I read Pine Manor’s mission statement and found concepts I care about deeply: ‘preparing women for roles of inclusive leadership and social responsibility in an environment that celebrates diversity and respects the common good.’ How fantastic would it be if every one of you took those ideas and built your lives around them? I have the sense that you are already there. It doesn’t get much better.”

Pine Manor College alumna and noted sculptor Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh ’60 told graduates that although she had always wanted to be an artist, she did not begin sculpting until she was in her mid-forties. “I began late and was self taught, but I am living my dream and have accomplished what I set out to do.” She encouraged the graduates to “never stop dreaming…never stop growing. Find your dream, find your voice, and make a difference.”

Gloria Reuben, actress, singer, and social activist, urged graduates to “connect with your interests and passions and set out with extraordinary possibilities. Remember that there will be times when forward movement is difficult but if you keep your hearts strong, your vision clear, and your heads high, you will achieve your goals.”

This year’s Pine Manor graduates received the following degrees: 12 Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, 14 Bachelor of Arts in Biology; 12 in Psychology, 11 in Communication; 10 in Management and Organizational Change; 8 in Economic and Financial Systems; 4 in Visual Arts; 3 in Social and Political Systems; 2 in Liberal Studies; 1 in English; 2 Associate of Science in Biology and 1 in Health Sciences.