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Community Partners

At Pine Manor College, we believe that learning occurs in a number of ways and in various settings. We work with community partners on projects that both facilitate our students' learning and meet an identified need for the community organization. For example, our students may conduct research for an agency, mentor middle or high school students, or help plan and facilitate programs for an organization. Following are some of the community partners with whom we work:

Boys and Girls Club of Boston

Boys and Girls Club of Boston seeks to enrich children of all ages with many social and athletic programs and activities. Operating since 1983, their mission is to help boys and girls of disadvantaged backgrounds by working to develop their inner strengths and leadership qualities. They currently offer a variety of educational, athletic, social and emotional services to youth ages 6 through 18.

Charlestown High

Charlestown High School is a member of the Boston Public School system, with a diverse population of students ranging from 9th - 12th grade. This school characterizes over 90% of their teachers as highly qualified, providing students with exceptional classroom instruction and additional academic and social support. They describe their curriculum as being rigorous, preparing their students for college level education.

City Year

City Year is a non-profit organization that seeks to build and strengthen their communities by encouraging youth to participate in a variety of community service programs and other social awareness initiatives.

Dearborn Middle School

This co-ed Boston public school is located in Roxbury, MA. It has an enrollment of more than 400 students, ranging from grades 6-8. This school features a highly diverse student body, with several academic and youth support programs.

Diploma Plus

Diploma Plus is an educational program that provides at-risk Commonwealth students with a more personal approach to high school academics. This program focuses on preparing their students through their many small classes and various support services, to enter a post-secondary education.

East Boston High

A member of the Boston Public School system, East Boston High is a co-ed, diversely populated school that prides itself on providing students with a variety of academic and personal support programs. Their curriculum goals include, but are not limited to, achieving superior levels of math, grammar and reading proficiency, as well as obtaining high level MCAS scores.

Elders Living at Home Program (ELAHP)

ELAHP is a Boston Medical Center program that provides a range of short- and long-term emergency and case management services to elders at -risk of homelessness. The ultimate goal of this program is to help these clients find and maintain permanent residency in the New England area.

Framingham Public Schools

Made up of several different elementary, middle and high school departments, the Framingham Public School System's mission is to provide optimal academic and extracurricular services to the many students and community members within the Framingham, Massachusetts district.

GRLZ Radio

GRLZ is an Internet radio station and after school program dedicated to promoting violence prevention among young women and providing leadership training to its members. Girls participating in the radio show also have the opportunity to gain radio production, media programming, and broadcasting skills.

Gulf Coast Volunteers for the Long Haul

Long Haul (for short) has been working to rebuild the structures and spirits of New Orleans since 2005, the year that Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. They take a week-long service trip to the area several times each year, working with volunteers from all ages and locations. A unique feature of Long Haul is that they not only work to rebuild houses, but also volunteer in schools with children whose education has been severely disrupted as a result of Katrina.

More Than Words

More than Words is a unique, teen-run book store located in the heart of Waltham, Massachusetts. It regularly hosts art galleries, poetry readings and other youth-oriented events, while employing a diverse group of teen entrepreneurs.

One Family

One Family is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending homelessness for Massachusetts families. Through their many philanthropic leaders, elected officials and field specialists, this organization offers a variety of support services working towards eliminating family poverty and establishing economic stability for the future generations of Massachusetts.

Sportsmen's Tennis Club

The Sportsmen's Tennis Club is a non-profit organization that specifically targets urban, minority youth by providing them with low-cost tennis lessons, academic support and other activities. Their goal is to strengthen the students' problem solving skill, to teach them how to obtain resiliency, and to respond to any unique problems or needs they may have in the community.

Steps to Success

teps to Success is a school success and college readiness program that works with about 300 low-income students, grades 4-12, in the Brookline Public Schools, most of whom live in Brookline public housing.

Teen Voices

Through media produced by teen girls, such as an on-line and print magazine, Teen Voices supports and educates girls and empowers them to make positive social change. At Teen Voices, girls benefit from intergenerational mentoring and leadership development programs.

The Second Step

The Second Step is a comprehensive program for survivors of domestic violence. Its services include transitional housing, advocacy, mentoring, legal support, children’s programs and career development. They have an extraordinary record of success getting graduates into independent living, free of abuse.

Transition House

Transition House is one of New England's first battered women's shelters. Their many professionally- operated programs strive to protect women and children from domestic and sexual violence by providing them with housing, food, and transitional guidance.