Computer Facilities

There are two general-use computer labs available at Pine Manor for e-mail, Office suite applications, Web browsing and laser printing. All PCs on campus run the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

  • The Library has approximately 18 PCs. 
  • The 24-Hour Study Area is located in the foyer of the Annenberg Communications Building, outside the Learning Resource Center. It consists of 6 PCs and a laser Printer. This areas is normally available at all times.

The ELI Lounge is located it the lower level of Southwest Building (ELI) and has approximately 6 PCs. This lab normally is available at all times.

The following computing classrooms may be available at certain times and only when class is not in session.

  • Dane 101 (lower level) is equipped with 18 PCs and laser printing.
  • Wean Language Lab in Haldan Hall 2nd floor has 12 PCs and laser printing.
  • The Campus Center STC101 (lower level) has 12 PCs and laser printing.
  • The Abercrombie Visual Arts Classroom has 12 Macintosh computers and laser printing. (Check with instructor for access.)
  • The Campus Center first floor has 4 PCs.