Conifers, PMC's Literary Journal

Conifers is the Pine Manor College literary journal. Each year, we publish one issue of excellent writing and art, all selected from the work of undergraduate students from colleges and universities all over the United States of America. Conifers is committed to providing a voice for a wide variety of undergraduates, and to excellence in writing and art. We aim to publish the best student writing and art in the nation.

Photograph by Tucker Garcia, First-Year, Pine Manor College

This year, the staff received submissions from colleges and universities across the country. The editorial board did a blind reading of these submissions, carefully considering each piece without knowing from whom or where it came. In the end, after much debate and hard work, we are thrilled to present the accepted pieces. We are proud that these selections came from a diverse group of students attending a wide variety of colleges and universities. We look forward to publishing an even more diverse selection of excellent student writing and art in the future.

Please use the navigation links on the right to view high-quality literature and art from college and university students all over the nation. Click on each title on the page for each category of writing to read the work. It takes a moment for some of the content to load, so please be patient.

Thank you to all of our supporters: Pine Manor College, faculty and staff from a whole host of colleges and universities, parents, and especially our student authors and artists.

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