Ashley Aguayo-Ramos is now a senior at Pine Manor College and majors in Biology. Born in Germany from military parents and grew up in Puerto Rico. Ashley has always had a passion for animals and has high hopes in pursuing her dreams of one day becoming a Veterinarian. She was open to break from her shyness and share some of her writing in poetry slams at her college. She was encouraged by her peers and professors to submit some of her work to Conifers. She is very pleased for the opportunity of being published and hopes that all readers enjoy her poems.

Stephanie Callan is a Junior at Pine Manor College, and an English major. She enjoys geeky stuff.

Tucker Garcia is a senior at Pine Manor College. He is an English major who aspires to be both a creative writer and English professor.

Noemi Martin, best known as Noemi Paz, is a Sophomore at Pine Manor College. Writing has always been her passion for as long as she could remember. As soon she fell into poetry, her interests grew with each poem she wrote. She soon started taking her poetry writing seriously and by 14 she wrote a poem entitled "Pain." Soon, she performed her first poem in Boston by the age 17. Since then, she pushes towards becoming a well known spoken word artist and hopes to one day appear on Def Poetry Jam hosted by Mos Def. Poetry is a form of meditation that is healing to her mind, soul, body and spirit. Noemi believes that if she can provide the same peace she searches through her poetry, then she can help bring awareness to the world. Being as young as 20 doesn't stop her from anything because sometimes maturity doesn't come from age.

Steffi Porter is a freshman at Pine Minor College, and an English major. She hopes to one day be a novelist, journalist and actress. Steffi enjoys writing short stories and poetry, and is working on officially publishing a novel. she has recently self-published a book of short stories called "Firefly: A collection of short stories and poems." Steffi lives in Northampton, Massachusetts where she is intern writer for the local newspaper.

Colleen Tencza is in her second year at Pine Manor College, and is receiving an Associate’s Degree this May. She is majoring in History and Secondary Education. She is president of the Pine Manor Education Club, and a two-sport athlete as the goalie in both soccer and lacrosse. She has been writing for 7 years and attributes her ongoing passion to the support of her high school English teacher, Jessica O’Gurick (Racco). She says her best work comes in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep before or after her games! Her dream is to share the passion of writing with at least one student as she had with her own teacher.