"Bathroom Poetry"

My pants are still
around my ankles as the blood drains
from my eyes, the puddle of cherry colored spittle flies
drop by drop back
into my mouth.

His right foot pulls away
from my nose as his left food pulls
away from my gut. I fly
back up off of the ground
and land
soundly on
my feet.

His fist retracts from
my jaw cocks back
and then drops
Innocently to his side.
His hands jump
to my jacket turn
me abruptly, and help
return my ass to the toilet seat.

He uses
his foot to close
the stall door marches
backwards across the floor pulling
the door of the men’s room closed
with a


He throws
the bathroom door open, I hear
his footsteps approach
as he walks
directly to my stall. I see
steel-toed boots
just before he kicks
the door open. It skins
my knees as he yanks
me up off
the toilet seat by my collar.
Before I can think his fist
cocks back,
with my jaw
me flying
to a heap
on the bathroom floor.
His left foot hammers
my stomach; his
right foot destroys
my nose. I feel them
both shatter. I lay
on the ground in
my own bloody spatter.
Bloody spit
dripping form my mouth,
bloody tears
dripping from my eyes,
and my pants
are still around my ankles.

Poem by Tucker Garcia