"The Words Can't be Found"

The words can’t be found, they are lost.
What I need to say seems like it is forgotten.
The tip of my tongue bare,
With no lack of air the words aren’t there.

Could they be misplaced?
Why mustn’t they be said?

They all exist, but don’t reside in my head.
No rapping, tapping or raking of the brain creates any flow of words.
The struggle, the pain, yet they remain,
Lost unable to be found.

Would it make a difference to wait or stay, head in a book,
Trying to look up words that might exist?

The will is there, with no urge to spare.
The words rest just out of reach, stopping to search through the years,
Causes the flow of tears.
The words are still missing.

Looking high and low in every corner and crack.
There remains this lack, this void of words.
It now seems absurd, how can one lose words?

What may be needed to say must wait another day,
As it seems I have forgotten what I needed to say.