"Unanimous Flow"

The only pain I should be feeling is the one fucking wit my ovaries and making me bleed more than a man should ever make me bleed. 

I don't need a bandaid or a cast to fix my broken heart.
I need a tampon and midol to tell my cramps to shut the fuck up!
What I have come to realize, is that my cycle not only cleanses me, but recycles emotions and reminds me to what should be hurting me more.
Don't let broken people's comments affect you.
Don't let a stubborn unwilling to commit person direct you.
Confusion only leads to sorrow if you maintain it's fuel til tomorrow.
I borrow phrases for days as I learn different ways to motivate me.

I sing this to the rest because my man Marley said it best:
"this is my message to you: One Love - one heart let's get together and be alright"

cuz we sit here and fight all night to who's more right. My bloodclot-chillin-on-a-cotton-island-friends tell me, "at least when you scream at me with a heating pad on your lap, you know no matter what, you'll see me next month."

And that's that. There's no running away. But there's escaping his bitch-ass. And there's escaping her cheap jabs to you're heart.

Dear Noemi,
It's TOM (time of the month) and you should be crying over stained underwear, not that trick's stained underwear you found. You're still calling him after he clowned you. Day three and I'm still around you. these red red whines and cries on your bed as you clutch your lower abdomen should hurt more than her voicemail making you whine and cry as you try to grab your chest for some breath.

Yes I know it hurts to be a girl in this world.
However, pain is weakness leaving the body birthing strength, wisdom, and love raising into a warrior womyn that men go through their whole lives looking for.
And for ya'll who complain about pmsing- at least it gives you fair warning to the flooding hurricane between to the thighs.
That's why they're mainly named after womyn.
This is not a poem to tell guys womyn are stronger cuz we bleed and make babies.
It's for the ladies who wonder why they are so weak.
Its for the ladies that cry for a whole week...or more...
Its for the womyn that wishes she could just close the door to mother earth but I'm telling you, its one of the best examples of our worth.

If we can stand our own physical war zones, then we can stand your break ups over the phone, or through text.
We can stand the chocolate cravings and the razor burn shaving.
I should be looking for a pad and not for your sympathy and your "damn I'm glad I'm not a woman" chants.
I rather look for some pants that can fit my bloated ass and call it day.
I'll say that being a woman gets harder everyday but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Penis' cannot compare to these lips.
It may seem like She kills herself every month but I still have to live through this.
I began my travels through womynhood at 14.
And I'm over the "aw you poor things" because its life, that's that.
You're not less of a womyn if you choose his physical abuse over your ached lower backs.
You just might be afraid to admit to the physical facts.
I love being a womyn and its a wrap!!!
And honestly, I don't take anything back.