Dare you ask permission to see me?Somewhere I am locked away in the dark.
I can see you staring down a damp
side street. Ice crystals caking the ground like shards of
broken glass. As though a fight broke out late last night
while we were sleeping. Heads pressed deeply in
soft pillows, drowning out the sounds of a raining world.

As though children in their slumber were awoken by stifled
cries. The addicts of the world were praying for one thing only—
And while they held up their hands and bit their lips in muted prayer
Someone broke the silence with a fist of
knowledge, pounded down on concrete with such force it broke
bones. Everyone was frightened by the honesty.

Remember when people used to lie?

We once believed in the purest words,
stripped down to their naked center, cold-hearted and vile.
If all the world’s a stage, then we are the fools.
Breaking our legs and laughing at the wrong lines.
We stumble and we fumble with honest mistakes and wrongful misgivings.
Sometimes, no matter what you do it will always fall short
of those who can scream the loudest.