A Wide Range of Emotions
Paintings by Devon Govoni ’05

Exhibition Dates: May 12–August 1, 2014
Opening Reception:
July 19, 4-6pm

The Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College is pleased to present new work by faculty member Devon Govoni. Devon’s show title, “A Wide Range of Emotions,” refers both to her work as a therapist and the wide range of media and subject matter she employs in her painting. Devon states “I paint portraits of humans and monsters that carry layers of complexity within them... will take its own form and go into a direction of its own, using me as the vehicle to get where it needs to go.” A family therapist who uses expressive therapies in her practice, Devon says her art philosophy is similar to her philosophy of dealing with clients. Both need to find their own solutions, their own paths.

About the Artist

Devon Govoni is a recent alumna of Pine Manor College, where she studied fine art and education. She received a masters degree in expressive therapies from Lesley University, and has recently been accepted into Lesley’s Expressive Therapies doctoral program. Devon currently teaches at Pine Manor and has exhibited her work internationally.