Double Vision: paintings and mixed media
Elizabeth Awalt and Angelo Fertitta

Exhibition Dates:
February 4 – March 18, 2015

Artists’ Talk and Reception:
Thursday, Feb. 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Snow date: Thursday, February 26

Fertitta Artist’s Statement: My new work draws on a modified version of the tradition of “automatic writing”. It is not referential, but rather a response to the moment. The drawings evolve one mark at a time, always in response to the previous marks. WithThe National Park Series, I have added modified images taken of national parks as part of the creation of the paintings. The Drawings overlaid on the modified images become the paintings, representing the stream of consciousness experienced while viewing the landscapes. While painting, the use of color follows a similar process. The process for me is both spiritual and meditative; a means to be within myself.

Awalt Artist’s Statement: Elizabeth Awalt’s paintings have always been rooted in the natural world and evolve from observational studies to expressive, evocations of nature. The micro and macro view of nature exist simultaneously in her recent paintings which weave those two worlds together. Oppositional forces of growth and decay, dark and light, and interior and exterior create a tension both visual and spiritual. Awalt’s paintings are physical beings that shift and change through sanded, wiped, and sensually painted surfaces. The image and process share a language that transcends and transforms her subject into pure painterly experience.