Early Childhood: Education, Health & Leadership Program Requirements

Requirements for Early Childhood Major

  • ED 102 Foundations of Education
  • ECE 121 The Human Foundation: The Cognitive, Physical and Social Emotional Development of Children.
  • ECE 214 Curriculum, Environments and Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers
  • ECE/ED 215 Curriculum Methods, Management, and Program Planning for Early Childhood (placement required)
  • ECE/ED 395 Practicum in Child Care/Early Education and Care Student Teaching
  • ED 212 Picture Books: Literature for Young Children
  • ECE 309 Health, Nutrition and the Safety of Young Children
  • ED 205 Teaching and Assessment of Language Acquisition, Reading and Language Arts (placement required)
  • ED 224 Teaching of Math and Science ( placement required)
  • ED 333 Special Education, Assessment and the Inclusionary Classroom
  • ECE 311 Parent, Child, Teacher, Heath and Community (capstone)
  • ECE/ED 495/496 Senior Internship and Seminar

Possible Electives
ECE/ED 228 Recreation, Coaching, and After School Programs for Children*
ECE /ED 250 Policy and Program Issues in Child Care
ED 117 The Teacher as Portrayed in Film and Literature
ED 242 Multicultural Education
ED 355 Diagnostic and Remedial Reading
EN 229 Children’s Literature: Female Images and Gender Roles
CS/ED 206 Exploring Technology in the Classroom
CO 285 Children in the Media
MU 210 Music and Movement for Children
PY 217 Childhood Disabilities
PY 305 Personality and Social Development of Children
PY 307 Children’s Thinking
PY 309 Language Development
TH 251 Theatre for Children
VA 281 Art Education: Materials and Processes