Education for Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility

Effective leadership in the 21st century is dependent on a range of skills, perspective, and attitudes that can be learned and used by everyone. It is leadership that does not rest with an individual, but resides in the process of people in relationship with one another, seeking to forge common goods in a reality of diversity. Inclusive leadership is based on reciprocity and cooperation; it is dependent on clear, widely disseminated information; promotes the ability of others to think creatively and work collaboratively; and it socially responsible. At Pine Manor College, we are committed to educating women for this kind of inclusive leadership, that is built on democracy, trust, respect and collaboration.

Inclusive Leadership:

  • Grows from the interaction of community members
  • Is not dependent on position
  • Is cultivatable among all people and broad-based within organizations
  • Is rooted in basic human characteristics: empathy, creativity, cooperation, curiosity
  • Fosters interdependent relationships between leaders and followers

Inclusive Leaders:

  • Are mentors and guides, student and teachers, who empower others
  • Systematically seek and share information
  • Depend on communication with an emphasis on listening
  • Seek a common good within diversity
  • Value democratic processes, honesty, and shared ethics

"More than, ever the world aches for a new kind of leadership, one rooted in the values of inclusivity, respect, democracy and social responsibility. And we are Pine Manor understand that the challenges that lie ahead cannot be met without the full participation of women. Women will help to craft the definition of a new kind of leadership as they go about their work and their play in the worlds of education, business, politics, and in the volunteer sector, the community and their families."

President Gloria Nemerowicz
Education for Leadership & Social Responsibility by Gloria Nemerowicz and Gene Rosi