Education for Leadership and Social Responsibility

By Gloria Nemerowicz and Eugene Rosi

Published by Falmer Press, February, 1997, 160 pp
Paperback: (ISBN: 0750706082)

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How can society train leaders and make them more socially responsible? With new insights from non-academic sources—children, artists, the work-place—this book offers a framework for organizing the many changes in education that will be necessary for successfully and humanely meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

The first half of the book explores theoretical approaches to constructing an education for leadership and social responsibility and social responsibility model, and introduces the need for inclusive leadership—leadership as interdependent relationship, with diverse participants seeking a common good through open, democratic and collaborative processes. Based on primary research that includes interviews with children and artists and a content analysis of Fortune magazine, the book supports a model of higher education that uses inclusive leadership as integration theme; systems thinking and common good thinking as modes of analysis; and collaboration as the dominant working relationship in and out of the classroom. The second half of the book addresses the practical application of the model to a campus—how a campus might approach the design and implementation of an education for leadership and social responsibility—focusing on process and programs. Beginning with the processes of planning and implementation, the book discusses faculty development programs ("teachers as leaders/teaching for leadership"); development of an integrated curriculum and co-curriculum; and assessment of an education for leadership and social responsibility. In the final chapter the construction of "collaborative community"—echoing the themes of an education for leadership and social responsibility — is advocated over older forms of campus community.

About the Authors

Dr. Gloria Nemerowicz became the ninth president of Pine Manor College on July 1, 1996. She came to Pine Manor College from Wells College in Aurora, New York, where she served as the Executive Director of the Women's Leadership Institute. As its founding director, Dr. Nemerowicz charted the Institute's course as a center for national conferences on women's leadership as well as a testing ground fro new curricula for school-age-girls. Prior to her role at the Leadership Institute, Nemerowicz served as Vice Provost at Monmouth College in New Jersey, where she also was tenured Associate Professor of Sociology. An active scholar, writer and speaker, Dr. Nemerowicz is the author of Children's Perceptions of Gender and Work Roles, and co-author of Professionalism in Unpaid Work. Dr. Nemerowicz received B.A., M.A. and Ph.D from Rutgers University.

Dr. Eugene Rosi is the Executive Assistant to the President at Pine Manor College. He previously worked with Dr. Nemerowicz at the Women's Leadership Institute of Wells College, where he served as Deputy Director. Rosi previously served as Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Monmouth University in New Jersey; Professor of Political Science and department chair at Dickinson College, PA; Stimson Professor of Political Science at the U.S. Army War College; and Special Assistant to the chief of Staff for the Secretary of Health, Education an Welfare in Washington D.C. Dr. Rosi holds a Ph.D in Political Science/International Relations from Columbia University.