Enhanced Foundation Program Courses

ESR 152
Academic Reading
The goal of this course is to improve a student’s comprehension of the material and begin to develop a critical engagement with the author’s arguments. The course teaches students the necessary skills of active, critical reading. In particular, students are taught to identify the author’s purpose and point of view and to understand how thesis and themes are developed, in order that they might react to the work with critical understanding. The curriculum incorporates a wide variety of texts, among which are readings from periodicals, short stories, poetry, and a novel. While the focus of the course is on academic reading, the course will integrate with it the development of writing skills through student reaction journals and essay exams. ESR 152 is taken concurrently with ESW 151. Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: Placement Test. Group: I.

ESW 200
Introduction to Academic Writing
As a bridge to College Composition students have the opportunity to practice writing fully developed essays of all types. The focus of the course is placed on the content and style of writing with additional attention given to common trouble spots regarding mechanics of composition. Specifically, the course works within a general academic essay structure to teach the writing of strong, arguable thesis statements and well-developed essays of various rhetorical styles, such as narration, description, comparison/contrast, cause /effect, classification, and argumentation. Writing lab required. ESW200 is taken concurrently with ESR 152.

ESR 251
Reading in the Disciplines
In this course, students will develop their reading fluency in English by working with classic and contemporary English-language essays, both fiction and nonfiction. One goal of the course is to move students, as readers, beyond comprehension of the material, its ideas, and challenging vocabulary to a critical analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of each author’s work. Another goal is to expose the student to a variety of rhetorical styles (modes of writing) in a number of academic disciplines that college students typically encounter as undergraduates. ESR 251 is taken concurrently with ESW 251. Fall and Spring.
Prerequisites: Placement Test and/or successful completion of ESW 151 and ESR 152. Group: I.