Faculty Symposium Series

Fall 2014 | Faculty Symposium Series

Tanya Whiton, M.F.A. & Heidi Killion, Two for the Road, Adventures in Maine.
Tuesday, 2 December, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m., Founder’s Room

Emma Dassori, Ph.D., Michael Kaye, & Boston University School of Theatre Students, “Sabbatical Research on Carlo Gozzi’s Zobeide.”
Friday, 5 December 2014, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m., Presidents’ Dining Room

Previous Presentations


Ujwala Panse, Ph.D., “Recent Presentations and New Opportunities for Partnerships.”
14 November 2014

American Chemical Society and New England Faculty Development Consortium (NEFDC) have accepted two abstracts related to the teaching and learning concepts in chemistry, for presentations in their respective conferences. The title of the abstract submitted to American Chemical Society is: Teaching Concepts in Thermodynamics Using Real World Application. The presentation is regarding an interdisciplinary approach in teaching chemistry. The real world application from biology is used to demonstrate the teaching method.

NEFDC has accepted the abstract for a poster presentation. The title is: Using An Inquiry Based Approach to Thin Layer Chromatography. The presentation is regarding using critical thinking skills in teaching an organic chemistry experiment.

An opportunity for Partnership:

Pine Manor College and Regis College in collaboration with Dr. Bruce Jackson from the Massachusetts Bay Community College have submitted a grant to National Science Foundation. The rationale of the proposal is to create dexterous, problem solving and research savvy STEM workforce for industries.



College Composition Faculty, ‘Reading of Faculty Work’ (Anne Alexander, Ed.M.; Hannah Baker-Siroty, M.F.A.; Alexandra Bicks, M.A.; Zach Buscher, M.F.A.; Jennifer Jean, M.F.A.; Shelley Scarletta, M.F.A.; Ron Spalletta, M.F.A.)

23 October 2014



Professor Sandra McElroy, Ed.D., “Early Childhood: Education, Health, and Leadership – From Pine Manor College to the Steps of the Statehouse.”

7 October 2014

Sandra McElroy, Ed.D. delivered the first presentation of this semester: Early Childhood: Education, Health, and Leadership – From Pine Manor College to the Steps of the Statehouse Dr. McElroy, the newly elected Co-President of the Massachusetts Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators, is highly involved in Early Childhood policy making through her dedicated work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her presentation included information about her professional activities and training in various areas including, Civil Rights, World Class Instructional Design and Assessment, and her endorsement from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Sheltered English Immersion. Dr. McElroy explained how committee involvement supports and shapes policy as well as creates opportunities for her Pine Manor College students.


Professor Hannah Baker-Siroty, "Odd of the Ordinary"

April 25, 2014

Professor Hannah Baker-Siroty has degrees from The University of Wisconsin, Madison and Sarah Lawrence College. She has been awarded fellowships from The Vermont Studio Center and The Writers' Room of Boston. Her poetry has appeared in Best New Poets 2012, Broad!, Cactus Heart, Each Moment a Mountain, and Lumina, among other places. Prof. Baker-Siroty discussed her poetry from her collection Odd of the Ordinary and her newer poems about Vice Presidents of the United States, and shared her thoughts about her writing process.


Cindy Miller, Ph.D., “Vernacular Museums: From the ‘Everyman’ to the ‘Everyday’”

March 28, 2014

Professor Miller's research centers around the emergence and persistence of vernacular museums, which showcase “ethnographies of the everyday” – ranging from the social and cultural impact of local figures or groups to everyday lifeways – often in less formal locations, and their roles in constructing community. Numerous examples will be visually illustrated and analyzed, with an eye toward understanding their voice in representation and the creation and dissemination of local knowledge. These small museums, spearheaded by individuals and community groups, have increasingly emerged across the United States, as individuals seek a voice in shaping the creation of our understanding of history and culture.


Kathi Aguero, read from her new book, "After That”

March 21, 2014 

Kathleen Aguero has published five collections of poetry: Daughter Of, The Real Weather, Thirsty Day, Investigations, a collection of poems inspired by Nancy Drew, and the most recent After That. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals, including Poetry magazine, Massachusetts Review, and the Cincinnati Review. She is also co-editor of three collections of multicultural literature: A Gift of Tongues, An Ear to the Ground, and Daily Fare. Her creative nonfiction essay, “Marriage Koan,” appears in the anthology Why I’m Still Married. Recipient of a Massachusetts Fellowship in Poetry and a fellowship to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Kathi also was awarded a writing grant from the Elgin/Cox Trust. She has taught at the Writers’ Center at the Chautauqua Institute in upstate New York, the NY State Young Writers' Program at Skidmore, as well as in the Poets in the Schools Programs of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In 2004, she held the position of Visiting Research Associate at the Brandeis University Women’s Studies Research Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. In addition to teaching in the Solstice MFA program, Kathi teaches for “Changing Lives Through Literature,” an alternative sentencing program based on the power of books to change lives through reading and group discussion. She is a consulting editor in poetry for Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices. Visit www.kathleenaguero.com


Colleen Krieser & Susan Bear, “NIH Grant: Procuring Outside Funding for Scholarship and Curriculum Development”

February 28, 2014

Prof. Colleen Krieser and Prof. Susan Bear presented their work on the BUILD grant. Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD), is an initiative by the National Institute of Health (NIH) aimed to enhance diversity in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social sciences research workforce.
The NIH's Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) states: "...BUILD awards are intended to support the design and implementation of innovative programs, strategies and approaches to transform undergraduate research training and mentorship."

The Biology Department at Pine Manor College will be submitting the grant proposal to the NIH under the BUILD initiative this spring. 



Colleen Krieser, “Using C. elegans as a Model System Both in Research and Teaching”

February 14, 2014

Assistant Professor of Biology, Colleen Krieser, reported on the research she conducted during her sabbatical on the c. elegans which is a roundworm and the only organism to have its connectome (its neural "wiring diagram") completed. It is a useful tool that can be translated to human genetic research and that has implications in the treatment and cure of various neurological diseases such as Lou Gehrigs Disease and ALS.

In her presentation Prof. Kreisar laid out the purpose of her Sabbatical which included mastering the use of c. elegans in research; testing different enzymes to see if they had a measurable effect; and lastly, designing ways to take the research back to her classroom at Pine Manor College. To that end, Prof. Kreiser not only showed how critical and fundamental her research is, but also demonstrated how it will be used to teach students and prepare them to take their place in meaningful bench research positions.







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