Financial Services & Workshops

Student Financial Resources is a resource designed to aid the students in the process of investing in their education. The primary objective of this office serves to assists students and parents as they navigate the world of personal finances, financial aid, and debt management. For many of the students, this is the first time they have faced these challenges.

One-on-One Counseling

The goal of this office is to create individuals who are financially literate. We counsel students and parents on various financial processes including:

  • Understanding sources of potential financial aid
  • Understanding the financial aid application process and deadlines
  • Interpreting financial aid award letters and College tuition bills
  • Understanding borrowing and alternatives to borrowing
  • Understanding the implications of credit


Periodically, we offer workshops that cater to the current needs and interests of our students. Previous workshops include:

  • Parents' Financial Workshop
  • Love Your Money: An Introduction to Finances
  • Living on a Realistic Budget
  • Debt Management
  • How to Repair and Protect Your Credit
  • A Guide to Student Loan Borrowing
  • Free Tax Workshop
  • Filing Your FAFSA
  • Managing Your Money in the Real World: Financial Strategies for the Graduate
  • Student Work: Finding Jobs in Your Field (offered through Career Services)