Alicia Grenier: Fun Times on the Road

This week started off with us traveling to St. Joe’s (CT). Traveling there was different from any other games that we traveled because this time be took a big Coach bus and had the volleyball and tennis teams with us. In the back of the bus was myself, Santos, Roux, Lindsey, Stacie, Colleen, Margaret, and T.J. We were having so much fun just hanging out and talking about the game and what we were going to be for Halloween. Also the tennis coach, Chris, came to the back with a huge bag of bagels from Dunkin Donuts and was like “Here, have one!,” to each of us in the back. It was so funny.

When we got to St. Joe’s we noticed that it was Senior Day, and it seems like every team loves to play us on their Senior Day. Well, we shut them down in the first half and almost the entire second, but they got away from us and scored two goals to beat us 2-0. I was satisfied with the score considering it was better than last year, and I knew that with our injuries that we had we really held ourselves.

When we walked back onto that bus we were laughing and having a ton of fun. Then Chris came to the back and hung out with us while he was finishing watching his movie, “Untraceable,” on his laptop. We were all trying to watch it because he would come out of nowhere and say “Oh My God! Did that just happen?,” so we wanted to see what was going on, but it was pretty hard to see the screen. On the way home we had a lot of laughs and watched “Gone in 60 Seconds.” The ride was by far the best ride I’ve ever had because we had so much fun together.

After St. Joe’s we played Mount Ida and fell to them 2-0, and lost to Lasell 4-1. Both were hard losses for the returners because we were successful against them last year.

This past week has been real laid back because there was barely any homework given to me and I did not have to work at City Sports this week, so that was a break. One thing that I have been working on is my residents’ door tags and bulletin board for the month of November. I have no idea what I am going to do for my door tags, but as I’m writing this, I believe that I have found the right one!

Next week is our last week, which is very sad because I really don’t want the season to end. We have a game on Saturday against Daniel Webster and our last game on Tuesday against Suffolk. I’m hoping that we come out of both of those games with a win and end our season on a high note!

4/26/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament
L, 8-0 (6 inn.) vs. Salem
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4/25/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament 
L, 9-8 vs. Wesleyan GA
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