Guest Policy

Visitors to the college and its residence halls, whether friend or family members or non-resident students, are the responsibility of the resident student whom they are visiting. All visitors to the residence halls must be escorted by the PMC student they are visiting at all times, and must follow all college rules. Students are responsible for knowing college rules and relaying relevant information to their guests.

All guest are expected to enter through the Campus Safety Booth. It is the responsibility of the student to announce their guest(s) to Campus Safety online prior to the arrival of their guest(s). A non-resident is not allowed to enter a village until the student he/she is visiting is present for escort. Each resident student is responsible for completing the "Announce Your Guest(s)" form online. Paper forms will no longer be accepted. Students cannot call Campus Safety over the telephone to give permission for a guest to be let on campus.

Students are responsible for signing in all guest (the term "guest" for residence hall policy includes non-resident PMC student) with Campus Safety each day their guest is on campus. Each student can sign in a maximum of two guest up until 11:00 p.m. After 11:00 p.m. each student is allowed one guest. On specific days when student organizations sponsor dances, parties,etc., the guest limit will be one guest per student. If a student signs in another student's guest under her own name, the student who signed in the guest assumes responsibility for the guest's behavior and must accompany the guest at all times. A student on social probation cannot sign in guest, nor can she have other students sign in her guest(s).

Each student is allowed to have a guest a maximum of two overnights per seven day period, provided she has her roommate's consent, and the arrangement respects the rights of all students involved. Overnight guest are considered anyone staying in the room at any time between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. who is not a resident of the room. All guest must be pre-registered and must check in with Campus Safety at the front booth. all guests visiting students must park in the Guest Parking Lot. After parking their vehicle the guest(s) must meet the student at the back booth. The guest(s) will be issued an guest badge that they must wear while they are on campus. If a student wishes to have an overnight guest for more than two night in a seven day period she will need written permission from the Director of Campus Safety. First year students must submit a Request Overnight Guest Accommodation from to the Student Life Office prior to the arrival of a guest This form is available at the Student Life office and each RA and FYA will have an adequate supply.

Overnight guest must be 16 years or older.

Vehicle / Access to PMC

  1. It is the responsibility of all Student(s) entering the campus to register their guest(s) with Campus Safety at all times. All Students, parents and visitors are required to come to a complete stop at the front booth and must present their Pine Manor College Identification Card, a valid state license, or a stat-issued I.D. card. The officer will make a copy of each I.D. and enter the date, time, and destination. Caution: the gate at the front booth comes down automatically after each vehicle passes through.
  2. All guest will be issued a guest badge that they must wear while on campus. When exiting the campus the guest must check out with Campus Safety.
  3. All pick-ups and drop-offs must be down at the back booth.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each student in the vehicle to ensure that any a guest in the vehicle is properly signed in with campus Safety. Students are reminded that it is also their responsibility to monitor the activity and conduct of their guest(s) at all times while they are on campus. All guest are required to park in the Guest Parking Lot and must properly display a valid parking pass. Any vehicle in violation is subject to be ticketed and / or towed at the owner's expense.

The PMC Guest Policy and "Announce Your Guest(s)" form was revised May 2008.

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