Health and Wellness

Pine Manor College's Health and Wellness Services are closed for the summer and will re-open in August.

If you have questions regarding your immunizations or health forms, you may send an email to Kathryn Bruning, M.S., LMHC, Counselor and Manager of the Health and Wellness Department at

However, please be advised emails will be responded to in the order they were received, starting early August.

Have a safe, happy, and healthy summer!

In an emergency contact campus safety at 617-731-7777

In Case of Serious Illness or Injury:

Dial Campus Safety at 617-731-7777 and give specific details, including the nature of the illness or injury, the individual’s name, location. If the medical emergency appears life threatening request that an ambulance be summoned. Please do not call 911 directly, campus safety will call when informed of an emergency. The Emergency Room at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is most often the default location transported to.

Please be advised that going to the Emergency Room is not recommended for minor or common illness. Emergency rooms are best used for serious life threatening medical conditions. An emergency room co-payment can be $100.00 or more. You are responsible for all co-payments, including co-payments for ambulance service. If it's not an emergency, go to Beth Israel Urgent Care (in the Wegmans Parking lot) as that will be less expensive than an Emergency Room visit.

If you have an emergency that is not life threatening but requires an Emergency Room you should look for safe transportation independent of the college. If transportation is not available, call Campus Safety at 617-731-7777 for assistance or to obtain a cab. You will be billed for the cab.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue
Brookline, MA
Call (617) 667-3000 for driving directions
Beth Israel Deaconess is a short walk from the "T," Green Line, "D," Longwood stop. When exiting the train, walk to the parking meter area behind the outbound side. Walk left until you reach Longwood Avenue. Go left, following Longwood Avenue until the second intersection at Longwood and Brookline Avenues.
To get to the Emergency Room, go right at the intersection of Longwood and Brookline Avenues and follow Brookline Avenue until the second set of lights. Go right onto Deaconess Road and follow until Pilgrim Road. Take a left onto Pilgrim Road. Pass the Farr Complex on the right and Emergency is the first left.