Hess Gallery current exhibit ends this week

Mon, August 5, 201310:00 AM

According by Franklin Einspruch

Last chance to enjoy Franklin Einspruch's paintings. 

The current exhibit ends August 11, 2013

Artist's statement: 

First, my art celebrates the ordinary. I take it on faith that everything merits attention, and if I'm paying attention in the right way, the profound will spring up out of normal, everyday living. 

Second, it celebrates brevity. To my eye, doing much with little represents the height of artistic achievement, and I practice accordingly. 

Third, it celebrates materials. I believe in the successful operation of materials as an end in itself, even while working figuratively, narratively, or digitally. The thrilling fact that materials and arrangements thereof can convey feeling is the primary reason I make art.

Artist's website: www.einspruch.com