"If Momma Sang"

I was born in a cabin, my country home.
Forty miles from nowhere, but we never felt alone.
Our time was spent together, seven days a week.
We’d pray for a life much better, Momma and me.

Corn bread was on the table and beans in a kettle black.
Life was so simple, now that I look back.
Momma would sit in her rocker with her Bible on her knee.
Singing Amazing Grace and Only Believe.

My memories are of Momma, out working in the fields.
Oh how she’d sweat to feed us every meal.
I thought she’d live forever, till we laid her beneath that tree.
I choked back a chorus, of Nearer My God To Thee.

Now I live in the city, far from that rural life.
I thought I’d leave behind, a life of toil and strife.
But I’d trade my Mercedes and my condo by the sea,
If I could hear just one more time, my Momma sing for me.