Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility Program

Students at Pine Manor College benefit from innovative programming designed to help them explore inclusive and socially responsible leadership. The Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility (ilsr) Program provides students with curricular and co-curricular experiences that support and extend learning and contribute to the College’s Learning Outcomes. Beginning in the first year, the ilsr Program introduces students to both the mission of the College and opportunities for civic engagement outside of our community. First-year students explore the topics of community, diversity, the common good, communication, goal setting, and conflict and its resolution.

Programming for ilsr in subsequent years continues these themes at a deeper level, with an added focus on elements related to social and personal responsibility, including ethics, action planning, collaboration, risk taking, change, and service. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to think about leadership as a process in which they participate as they explore opportunities to coach, mentor, and network with one another, as well as with individuals outside the college community.

Pine Manor College students graduate with knowledge of and experience in inclusive leadership and social responsibility that informs their ability to become agents of change in their personal lives, their communities, and their workplaces.