Academic Programs

Choose the academic program that is right for you!

Bachelor Degree (4-year, available to both men and women) Programs:

  • Biology
  • Communication 
  • Early Childhood Education
  • English
  • Community Health
  • Management and Organizational Change
  • Psychology
  • Social and Political Systems
  • Visual Arts

Associate Degree (2-year, available to both men and women) Programs:

  • Biology
  • Child Care
  • English
  • Health Studies
  • Liberal Studies
  • Management
  • Performing Arts
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts

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Many of our students complete a degree with Pine Manor College and seek further higher education in areas such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health, Business, Engineering, Law and much more!

Located on breathtakingly beautiful 55-acre campus, in one of Boston's most elegant suburbs, Pine Manor provides a high-quality education with interactive classes taught by thoughtful and accomplished professors. Students often say that Pine Manor is their home away from home because of our supportive and diverse community and active International Student Club. US News and World Report ranked Pine Manor College as #1 in diversity among Liberal Arts Colleges in the nation.

Prospective international students who have not yet reached our minimum language proficiency requirements are encouraged to visit our Partners Page to learn more about our approved English Language programs.





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