International Student Club Hosts Fashion Show

Fashion Show Participants

On Monday, November 14, 2005, a total of nineteen individuals, both students and staff gathered together to model fashion from countries all over the world. The models represented countries such as: Cuba, Japan, Jamaica, Nepal, Kenya, Ghana, Korea, India and China. Undergraduate students as well as students participating in the Pine Manor English Language Institute, served as models. Each person was given the option to model a second outfit, showcasing their favorite modern outfit.

Some models, although American-born, were excited about modeling fashion representing a culture different from what they knew of. The event was held in the Pine Manor College Dining facility during dinner time. Audience members were lively and had a fantastic time cheering on the models. Some students volunteered to work as behind the scenes helpers, as many of the outfits took careful handling and extra time just to be properly worn. For an added touch, there was an international concert projected onto a screen for audience members to view while waiting for the show to begin. Huge thanks go to the students and staff that were so generous to loan clothing coming from their very own personal closets to make the show a success. The fashion show was a special event and a great reminder, helping the community to take a first look at the differing, complex and rich heritages that reside right here on the Pine Manor campus