Internship Information

Steps to Securing an Internship

The following describes the basic steps needed to complete in order to secure a meaningful internship. There are on-campus resources to use in this process, including faculty, staff, and seniors who have completed their internships.

  1. To identify available internships, look at Internship Site Opportunities or Internship Web Sites and Resources and choose 10 internships to apply to.
  2. Meet with a Faculty Sponsor from your academic major and/or your Senior Internship Seminar Instructor.
  3. Write a resume; start by reviewing the Resume Guide.
  4. Write a cover letter; start by reviewing the Cover Letter Guide.
  5. Make an appointment with Career Development Center to review resumes and cover letters before submitting them to possible internship sites. Contact the Office 617-731-7154 to schedule a time.
  6. If you haven't heard back from the internship site within a week, follow up with a call or email to see if they received your application materials and ask about your status. Use the Job Record Sheet to keep track of correspondence.
  7. When you go to an internship interview, be prepared, be prompt, and dress professionally.
  8. Once you have secured an internship, contact all other sites with whom you interviewed to thank them for their time and advise them of your final decision.
  9. Turn in your complete and signed contract to the Career Development Center as described below.

Internship Forms and Due Dates

The following are important documents that need to be submitted throughout the semester. All documents must be submitted to the Career Services & Experiential Learning Center after the faculty supervisor reviews them.

Internship Proposal: Submit as you develop an opportunity
Proposal (Word version: editable); (PDF version)

Internship Contract: Set each semester; generally by week 4
The contract has sections to be completed by the student, the site supervisor, and finally, the faculty sponsor.
 Contract (Word version: editable); (PDF version)

Site Supervisor Evaluations of the Intern, the academic discipline and the Internship Program

Site supervisors complete an evaluation of the intern's performance at the end of the internship. The evaluation should be shared and discussed with the student, who will then turn it in to the faculty sponsor. The evaluation document is listed by academic major. If an evaluation by the intern's major is not listed, use the General Evaluation. If you have any questions or problems with these documents, please don’t hesitate to contact Career Services at (617) 731-7154.
 Site supervisors play a meaningful role in the College's evaluation of how well our academic programs prepare students for professional success. The Program Evaluation will be sent to site supervisors as a separate document.

Site Supervisor Intern Evaluations: Due in the last week of classes
Intern Evaluation (Word version: editable); (PDF version)

Site Supervisor Evaluation of Internship Program 
Word (editable); PDF (printable)

    4.   Student Evaluations of Internship: 

Students complete an evaluation of their internship site and overall experience. 

Student Evaluation of Internship Site. Due by the last week of classes 
Word (editable); PDF (printable)

Thank you for partnering with Pine Manor College! Your generosity allows our students to gain valuable real-life job experience, to utilize their knowledge and skills, and to develop new skills.

There are two documents that we ask you to complete. These are very important as they allow us to guide and evaluate our students and our academic and experiential programs.  These forms are the Internship Contract and the Site Supervisor Evaluation and Program Inquiry. Click on the links above to access these forms.



For more information, contact  
 Career Development Director
Ieshia Karasik | 617-731-7658