Exploratory & Senior Internship

There are two levels of internships at PMC: Exploratory Internship (IN295) and Senior Internship (IN495). The Exploratory Internship an elective, while the Senior Internship is required of all students in the fall semester of their senior year.

Finding and Applying for an Internship

Guidelines and Responsibilities for Students, Faculty Sponsors, and Site Supervisors

Internship Goals

Students participating in exploratory internships should expect to accomplish the following:

  • An understanding of how to be reflective about her internship experience in a way that contributes to her personal and professional growth.
  • An understanding of how what she is learning in her academic and co-curricular experiences at PMC can be applied in the workplace.
  • An understanding of the organizational structure and culture of her internship site, how it might differ from other places of work, and how different organizational structures and cultures can effect the way people experience a workplace.
  • An understanding of the career possibilities in the field represented by her internship site.

Exploratory Internship (IN 295)

The Exploratory Internship (IN 295), which can be done in the fall, spring, or summer, allows students to explore career fields and work settings which may not necessarily be connected with the her major. Students must identify a faculty sponsor, complete a contract, and register for the IN295 class in order to receive credit. The requirements for an Exploratory Internship, which are not as demanding as for the required Senior Internship (IN 495), are:

  • 8-10 hours per week at the internship site for a minimum of 96 hours;
  • academic requirements specified by the faculty sponsor, including journal writing;
  • regular meetings with site supervisor and faculty sponsor;
  • completion of an Internship Summary.

Faculty supervisors meet with student on regular basis, help student determine goals and learning outcomes  for the internship , read and comment on student journal on regular basis, and maintain contact with site supervisor.

Senior Internship (IN 495)

The Senior Internship is the capstone of a student's PMC education, must be done in the Senior Year, and is related to the student's major. Requirements for the Senior Internship are:

  • 16 hours per week (generally 2 full days) for 12 weeks at the internship (for a total of 190 hours);
  • academic requirements specified by the faculty sponsor, including journal writing;
  • participation in a weekly Senior Internship Seminar;
  • completion of a Mid-Semester Self-Evaluation and an Internship Summary.



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