Internship Site Supervisors’ Reception - December 2011

For over 20 years, each senior at Pine Manor College has been required to work as an intern in an area related to her major. The internships take place in a wide variety of settings, including  the autopsy suite at a local hospital, probation offices, basic science research labs, facilities providing direct care for troubled teenagers, the offices of United States Senators and local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The internship opportunity - and the professional support of the supervisors - provides a powerful learning experience for each Pine Manor student that ties her classroom learning to a professional work environment. The value of the mentoring and the networking that emerges is hard to overestimate. And it is not uncommon for the student to receive a job offer from the site of her internship.

For several years the College has hosted a small reception for site supervisors, faculty members who oversee the internship program, and the students, were we recognize, thank, and celebrate the people who make the internship program. This year we welcomed colleagues from community organizations, colleges, and research centers, just to name a few, to acknowledge the power of this ongoing collaboration - and the achievements of our students.

Jialin Sun and her site supervisor Dr. Addy Alt-Holland.

Jialin's internship with Dr. Addy Alt-Holland, Assistant Professor in the Division of Cancer Biology and Tissue Engineering Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine, investigated the role of specific proteins in skin cancer in a lab that specializes in creating three dimensional skin tissue in culture. She worked with Dr. Alt-Holland to learn the specific questions being asked in the lab and the different technical approaches to answer these questions. These approaches included digital imaging of mammalian cells, immunohistochemical staining and analysis of human normal skin and skin cancer, embedding, and sectioning and staining of cultured three-dimensional skin tissue. Jialin's experience was exciting and transforming: she is now aiming for a career in research. Her immediate plans are to continue to work in a research lab and apply to a PhD program in the next two years. Dr. Alt-Holland provided an enriching and nurturing mentored experience for Jialin.

Jessica Gilmore, a senior psychology major, and her site supervisor Michelle Matuszak.  

Jessica interned in the after school program at the King school in Dorchester. The YMCA of Boston manages the program and Jessica worked for the Y this summer. Jessica was in charge of recruiting for the program and developing its curriculum.

Jasmine Milledge, a senior psychology major, and her site supervisor Fatima Sherif.

A Student Support Coordinator at the Guild School in Waltham, Fatima is also a graduate of PMC. She graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2007. The Guild School is an academic and residential program for children ages 6-22 with mental health issues. At this site, Jasmine assisted the student support department to insure coordinated care for the students.

Mikerlange Julien, a senior psychology major, and her supervisor Ryan Davis.

Mikerlange interned at the Blue Hill Avenue Boys and Girls Club, assisting Ryan, the Art Director, in promoting the arts and creativity in children ages 5-15.

Thanks to all who work tierdlessly to make this program a success.
Here are more pictures from the reception: