I've got a feeling

When you work at the same place for more than 15 years, you might expect that one year would look and feel like that last. That is not at all the case for me. This spring feels different.

Not cringing from the cold when I walk outside to go to a meeting or lunch is a nice relief that comes around this time each year. Every April brings an end to an academic year and with that comes many activities and responsibilities. At Pine Manor, Sophomore portfolio presentations, Achievement Day and of course our incomparable Commencement are my favorite rites of spring. As always, I am looking forward to those rituals in the coming days and weeks.

But there is something special about this time around.

Did you ever have the feeling of being upset or excited or anxious but not really sure why? I usually have to slow down enough to think about what is going on that is affecting me. So, I am writing this blog (slowly) to help me identify the reasons for this feeling.

For one, I am excited that we have more applicants to the college than ever before. The potential for bringing in more students that can benefit from being in our unique community of learners is thrilling. I know how much I love being at Pine Manor and I am inspired that we have the opportunity and challenge to bring our many applicants to experience Pine Manor.

So, the potential for growth is wonderful, but still that’s not quite it.

I think its that Pine Manor is doing the right thing at the right time in our nation’s history. For many years (forever, really) we have been about educating the women that need us. For the past dozen years that has meant educating women from all backgrounds and of all different income levels. As the country begins to realize how important it is for this next generation to be more educated than the last, and that to achieve better college graduation rates we will need to significantly reduce achievement gaps based on income and race, Pine Manor has been working at this for a while.

Our student body is rich with diversity, rich with life experiences, rich with varying perspectives, rich with grit, rich with potential. It is that richness that makes the Pine Manor experience unlike any other. Everyone in America will soon realize the enormous value that colleges like Pine Manor have for the future of our country: our economy, and our quality of living. Small Colleges like us that are 100% committed to closing income based achievement gaps through innovative relational education are a huge part of the solution. America does not yet fully know how big the problem is. We are already on to the solution. America will know that soon.

That day is coming. I think that’s what this feeling is.

- Bill Boffi