Jim Eng

Jim Eng

Mixed Media Works
March 22 - April 23, 2007

Artist's Statement: "Although I am a painter, I have always responded to the use of collage, assemblage, and mixed mediums. The utilization and juxtaposition of found, disparate images, pieces of deconstructed paintings, old, rusted metal objects, or weathered wood with peeling paint, is exciting to me.

I enjoy creating ordered chaos (or chaotic order) in my work. At times, I will hint at themes, which might be politically or socially charged, pertain to nature and environment, or contain evocative or ironic passages. Some of my works may convey a sense of mystery or antiquity while others may have as their focus pure visual design or abstraction.

As with all my work, it is my hope that the viewer will join in the adventure and find his or her meaning in the work."

Artist's Reception: Thursday, March 29, 7-9pm