Joe Gannon, The Last Dawn, (Minotaur Books, 2016)

1989. It’s been three years since Captain Ajax Montoya cleared the smoke and blood from his last case—and what a three years! The Berlin Wall is coming down, toppled by ordinary people, and the Soviet “Evil Empire” is being born to the ash heap of history by its once captive people.

But in a non-descript psychiatric hospital in Managua, a near catatonic Ajax has missed all that. In 1986 Ajax had freed his only remaining friend from the clutches of a psychotic killer in the employ of the CIA. But his tactics in that little caper were such that he was imprisoned in a nut-house for his pains.

But ghosts don’t know time nor read headlines. So when one of the many phantoms from Ajax’s bloody past shows up, he is dragged from his personal nightmare and plunged into this “brave new world.”

“A compelling story line and complex characters distinguish Gannon’s second novel featuring former Sandinista leader Ajax Montoya….The plot integrates the violence of the region without contrivance, and Ajax, who’s haunted by the blood he’s shed in the past, is a well-developed lead.” —Publisher’s Weekly