Karin Rosenthal

Karin Rosenthal

Journeying Within the Human Landscape

March 19 - April 22, 2008

Artist's Statement: "I have photographed nudes in nature since 1975. Mostly, my fascination has been with the figure reflected in still waters...oceans, ponds, puddles, and now tide pools. Despite working with the same elements of body, nature, and light, different series of work have resulted. The basic elements have reincarnated in each series to evoke different feelings and qualities...a progression in time as is life's experience. For me, they have evolved from birth and touch to becoming one with nature. The various series encompass a wide range of photographic techniques: black & white, infrared, color, and digital photography. This exhibition will represent my 30-year+ photographic evolution."

View more of her work at www.karinrosenthal.com.

Nicholson Lecture & Reception: Wednesday, April 2, 7pm; reception immediately following in the Hess Gallery.