Kings Pathways at Pine Manor College

Pine Manor College has formed a partnership with Kings Pathways to deliver a range of university pathway programs for both male and female international students:

  • 1+3 at Pine Manor College
  • Academic Preparation Program
  • University Preparation Program
  • English for Postgraduate Study

University 1+3 at Pine Manor College

The University 1+3 program is a fast and direct pathway to a 4 year degree in the USA. The first year of the degree is completed at Pine Manor College. Aside from attending courses and seminars as any Pine Manor student on Year 1, 1+3 students benefit from specialist support in adapting to American culture and the American education system and guidance in developing study and communication skills. What this means is that in Year 1, these students accelerate learning and are provided with all the skills to succeed in the American education system, without adding any time on top of the four years required to obtain a degree in the USA.
On completion of Year 1, depending on subjects studied and grades attained, the Kings counsellors will help each student decide where to complete their degree.
More information about the University 1+3 program

Academic Preparation Program

This is an English language and study skills booster program which students can take before the 1+3 program in 1,2 or 3 terms, depending on their TOEFL score.
More information about the Academic Preparation Program

University Preparation Program

This course is designed to equip students with the skills they need to transfer directly to the first year of an undergraduate degree course. It combines English language and academic skills development with extracurricular projects and Kings personalized university placement service to give students the strongest possible application profile.
More information about the University Preparation Program

English for Postgraduate Studies

This course will ensure students are fully prepared for graduate level study in the USA. It combines English for Academic Study with academic study skills, Test preparation and Kings Profile Builder program which guarantees students write the best personal statement.
More information about the English for Postgraduate Studies Program

About Kings Pathways

Kings Pathways is part of Kings Education group, a well-known organization with a proud history that began in the United Kingdom in 1957. Kings offers programs that are designed to meet the needs of each individual including university preparation, English language training, and summer vacation courses and it works to give every student a warm welcome, outstanding teaching, an active social life, and a complete learning experience.
Kings Pathways programs are delivered at Kings Boston, based on the Pine Manor Campus. For more information about Kings Pathways, please visit: